Current market evaluation

We offer all sellers a valuation of your property. For many years we have focused exclusively on the property market and the sales procurement of used homes. In this way, we are equipped with high technical competence for a fair value estimate of your property. Please use our service.

We will gladly conduct a free and objective assessment of the value of your property based on the current market situation - contact to our staff!

The first step will determine the location quality, building quality and yield of your property based on the juxtaposition of resilient property and market data.
This will require a visit to the sales object, the first examination of property papers and the research and analysis of current market data from reputable sources. With regard to the basic data of your property as well as on the basis of the comparison of similar transactions, including prices and yield factors, we can determine the market position of your property and make an objective assessment of the market value. You can use this value analysis to check the economic profitability of a real estate sale and decide on further steps.