Mediation of real estate

Do you know people who want to sell real estate?
Did you learn of properties which are for sale?
Contact us and earn a €500 bonus.
This is how it works:
  • Forward the most important information on the real estate as well as the contact information of the owner.
  • We will contact the owner and offer ourselves as real estate agent.
  • If the property is sold through our channels, you will receive a €500 bonus.
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Please understand that we have to verify your information. In order to do this, we need your complete contact information. After we received the information, we will contact you. This usually takes only a few days.
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We expressly declaring that we will only contact the owner if he/she has agreed to be contacted. In addission, the owner will be informed about this business concept, the further steps and the bonus system for the person who recommended our agency.
Please fill in the contact form completely because we have to validate the information on the possible seller and the property. WE hope for your understanding. If the recommended property is already known to be on the market, we will inform you within one week. If this is the case, the bonus will be inapplicable.
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